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Curriculum Documents

Documents are available for the content listed below, and was developed in consultation with educators. We welcome ideas and feedback! 


The Brain

Our brains are what control just about everything that we do, from thinking to breathing to learning. Learn about some of the different parts of the brain, and how they work together.


Brain Cells and Chemicals

Our brains are made up of small units called cells. Learn how brain cells use electricity and chemicals to talk to each other, and how this knowledge is used to treat mental illness.


How We Think

Our brains are more than just a collection of cells. Learn some of the science behind how we think and feel, and how awareness of this influences the ways that we behave. 


Relationships with Others

Humans don't live in isolation; we are social beings by nature. Learn about how our attitudes towards things and ideas shape the way that we think about others and the world.


Mental Illness

The brain is just as succeptable to illness as any other organ. Learn about some common mental illnesses, what causes them, and how to get help for someone who may be mentally unwell.